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Happy New Blog, everyone!

January 2, 2022

Happy New Blog, everyone!

Starting 2022 with a blog

With the start of a new year, I figured it was long overdue to get back into sharing my knowledge and experiences via a blog.

So here it is! The last couple of days of 2021 I spent playing around with GitHub, GitHub Pages, Jekyll and Casecade Style Sheets (CSS) to (hopefully) make this renewed blogging experience easier. Not just easier for me to create new blogs, but also easier for everyone else to find a place where you can learn from my experiences and adventures in this new Cloud DevOps engineering role that I have been focused on for the last couple of years and am having a lot of fun in.

Sharing the fun

So this first blogpost is not a long one as I’m easing myself back into the ‘blogging game’, but I sure hope to share a lot of my excitement on Cloud automation, using all these new fun techniques, tools and methodologies to put a lot of fun back into my work.

Enjoy this blog and I really hope to catch you somewhere online or in-person in 2022 to share some ‘battle stories’ and/or ‘personal quests’ on workflow automation.

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Cloud-DevOps ninja
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